Handmade Grimoires & Books of Shadows

I am a practicing non-wiccan witch and I've made books of shadows and grimoires since 2010. I have a shop on Etsy is https://www.etsy.com/shop/Targiski, and good background of sending grimoires abroad.

According to traditional rules they have no stampings, marks (including trade ones or marks of assay) or water signs, including the places where you can’t see – for example, on the other side of leather on the cover. According to these very rules all the materials are ”virgin”: they were bought new and were never used.

I do not repeat any book, or make a book based on another one (for example I do not make books as the one from The Charmed). I make blank books only for the Craft (I mean, I do not make casual blank books, or for role playing, etc.).

I make books on order as well, and it is a very individual work – I make a book according to what I see as “yours”.

Since the book is a magical tool, it is important what is depicted there. I can advise you to change the symbols in the design you propose if I see that they contradict each other, or if your design is not beautiful, harmonic and whole, because it is important for me that the created thing is alive and whole and not “just a blank book”.

It is also important to remember that all the symbols we depict on such tools, work. So I cannot cover the grimoir with “some hieroglyphs” – they mean something, and they really play role.

If you want to order a book, we shall discuss quantity of pages, paper (the format depends on the type of available paper), color of leather and design. Price of the book depends on its format, quantity of pages and type of paper (its cost varies).

Materials: I always use natural leather only.

Before I start making the book I send you sketches, and we discuss them. During the work I send you photos of the book in process. When it is ready I send you detailed photos of it. Then you pay by Paypal, or Webmoney, or WU, and I send it to you.