Clairvoyance Methods


There are two issues I regularly come across in my work. First is the question "How to open the third eye". Second is misunderstanding of the nature of "seeing". This article was written in a response to both of those issues. It can be of interest for everyone who is still trying to develop paranormal abilities. What is "seeing"? Often times it's called clairvoyance and is associated with precognition, retrocognition, ets… But is there a reason for such a separation? People who have the ability to see beyond the range of the power of vision can see past, future, and present - whatever the need. And ones who don't possess such ability don't see anything. My definition of seeing is the ability to receive information about objects, events, processes, and incidences that is not possible to receive with any other physical means.

There are many techniques in the literature that describe "How to open the third eye". All of them suggest various exercises that can be used to achieve this. But the problem is many beginners fail because they have a preconceived notion of what is supposed to happen when a third eye opens up. And when those things do not happen they begin to doubt their psychic potential. This article was inspired by a conversation I once had with the girl I knew. She complained to me that her third eye does not open up, even though she practices breathing and vision exercises quite regularly.

Indeed, there are many books that consider "vision training" to be one of the most important exercises. They recommend to find a spot on the wall, focus on it and concentrate for 10 min without blinking. After 10 min you should start receiving images and impressions. That is, of course, if you will be able to see anything though the tears in your eyes :-))) It could have been funny, if it weren't really sad. A while back I use to exercise same way (although I have never lasted 10 min; 2 min was my top). Yet, in a crystal vase (that I was suppose to concentrate on in the dark, because it "accumulates astral light") I continued to see only a vase.

In my opinion (which obviously does not claim to be an absolute truth) saying "in order to get a vision you have to learn to fix your eyes on one spot and look at it intently for a while" is same as saying "in order to think you have to learn how to frown and put your index finger to your forehead. After you are able to sit in this position, motionless, for an hour, you will learn to think and can proudly call yourself "Homo Sapience" J))) Because a motionless stare that can be observed on the face of a person having a vision is not a cause of that vision, but rather an effect. While having a vision a person goes into a trance, which can be either deep or light depending on a circumstances and personal preferences. He dives deeply into the inner self "without leaving an address" so to speak. And in such condition we tent not to move the eyes much, as well as not to blink. Similarly people frown because they are deep in thoughts, not the other way around.

So, the famous stare and eyes fixed on one spot are not the goal. It's going to happen naturally. Same goes for the breathing exercises. You definitely you should learn to breath deeply and evenly. But there is a good reason to learn it regardless of your psychic perception exercises. What really is important is to learn to go into a trance. And for this vision and breathing exercises can prove to be invaluable.

Many people grieve over the lack of their psychic talents, but at the same time they use their psychic senses on daily basis. They are just not consciously aware of doing it. Problem is - a lot of people are trying to learn how to do what they have already been doing. This ability is so natural, many of us use constantly, without giving it a second thought. A woman is at work thinking about her kids left at home. In her mind she is walking though the house, seeing her children's faces and checking whether everything is OK. Without a doubt she sees. Most of the time we know how to do it. We just need a little bit of fine tuning.

Think about what you do when you go shopping. When in your mind you are tasting the products and picking the one that's right for you, you are using your psychic senses in your decision-making. Or the times you are figuring out which store has the product you need. In you mind you see yourself in the store, scanning the shelves, checking whether that product is there and this store is worth your time - again, you are using your psychic senses. It's a common misconception that clairvoyants see things with the physical eyes and only those who were taught this special knowledge, or were struck by a lightning can do that.

Yes, you are seeing it with your eyes. But with your inner eyes, not the physical ones. It is your "mind's eyes" that are getting those visual impressions, and after a while these impressions do become more vivid and real. But you still seeing those mental images through your psychic inner eye, or the third eye. For people whose psychic vision is extremely advanced the line between phychic and physical vision gradually disappears. All senses start working in harmony. Just like in your everyday live you don't have to cover your ears to be able to see. Psychic vision works the same way. You perceive objects as a whole, gripping the information about it's appearance and it's energies simultaneously. We use it time and again in everyday life when sensing people. I am sure you have met someone, that looked OK, but your instincts were telling you that this person was not to be trusted. And if someone asked you "why", the answer would be "gut feeling". Seers become aware of person's energies, his aura, his soul automatically - just like smelling someone's perfume. You often do the same thing without even realizing it. You can visualize your friend as if he was right here, next to you. Not an abstract image, but life, and warm, one you could talk to … in your mind… and listen to his answer. You can really see him. The simplicity of this is what usually throws people off. Because we always think that psychic senses are from another world, from another life, and those who possess such a gift are superhuman. It's not the psychic ability that are usually inherited, but the knowledge of how to use them. When we talk about opening on the third eye, all it really is just a fine tuning of your reception channels.

There is another kind of problem, however. As it turns out, a lof of people in our society and our culture don't receive any visual impressions because they are not use to visualizing. It's hard for them to create mental images and hold on to them. From their childhood they were taught not to daydream because "daydreaming is silly". But daydreams is what helps us to develop our "mental visual perception" (which, perhaps, is not the most accurate term). I have met people unable to visualize something as simple as apple. But there is no reason to get discouraged. All it takes is some visualization practice. Certainly it could seem a bit hard, because what people like that need to overcome is not so much the lack of knowledge of how to do it, but their own inner blocks that prevent them from doing it. Very often people are unable to create mental images because deep down inside they think it's stupid, and is a waste of time. It's interesting to point out that I have almost never met women like that. Vast majority of those people are men. Perhaps it's because in our society it is more acceptable for a girl to be a daydreamer, but not for a man.

Reading books and listening to audio tapes can also be very useful for developing your visualization ability. Just about any activity that makes you employ your imagination. I find it interesting that the ability to visualize really improves when a person is lacking something and has no means of getting it other then to imagining it. But imagining it with so many details that he can practically experience it.

For those of you, who would like to improve their psychic ability I am going to recommend several exercises that will help you develop your psychic senses. If you find it more convenient to do these exercises with your eyes closed, then do that.

Let me remind you - you don't have to concentrate on any particular object. Just relax and go into a light trance. If you can't go into a trance or don't know what it is - don't get upset. It will come to you eventually, just keep exercising.

Exercise #1 Cards

The idea of this exercise is to draw a card from a deck and try to guess or see what image is on the card. You can use cards with different symbols. Personally, I like to use Major Arcana cards from a Tarot deck because they have a large variety of images, symbols, and colors. Although I have used just a regular playing cards as well.
Pull a card and try to "read" what's on it - an image, suit, number, or even a background in general. Try different methods so you can find out which one is easier for you to tune in. You can put a card to your forehead, place your hand over it or hold it against your solar plexus. One of the methods I like is to look at the back of the card, and in your mind move your hand through it, penetrating it from top to bottom, as if you are trying to feel something in the water. Notice what your hand is feeling. For instance, I you got 6 of diamonds feel number 6 printed on the card and a little diamond shape next to it. 6 larger diamond shapes will feel as "solid objects", and the rest of the space will feel "empty".

There is another method I know (I read it somewhere online but can not recall who suggested it) - imagine yourself entering the room, walking to a table, and seeing this card on the table with it's front open to you. Or you are walking into a hall, and the card is displayed on the wall from the floor to the sealing.

Well, just try it.

Guessing the right card is, however, nor real a goal of this exercise. The real goal is to capture that visual insight that you are going to switch on to be able to see the card without the help of your physical vision.
If you are familiar with Tarot cards, you are going to be able to see through them, walk into them, so their pictures will open up to you and their story will begin to unfold. Try not to add any details to that picture, just observe the flow of impressions that is coming to you. With practice you will learn understand and correctly interpret those visions.

Exercise #2 Buttleship

Try to play Buttleship with the friend. Only instead of guessing locations of ships, try to see the enemy's buttlefield and the square that you need to strike pulsating, for example, as an orange cross. A very often targets also feel warm.

Exercise #3 Subway (Tube, Underground, or whatever you prefer to call it :))

The benefit of this exercise can be extremely useful and practical. Recently I've discovered I am not the only one doing it. My everyday trip to work is pretty long, just a ride in a subway is about an hour. So, I usually use this time to catch up on my reading. That's why I prefer to sit down, relax and read comfortably. But our trains are usually crowded and often I can not get a place to sit right away. If that happens finding a spot where a sitting spot is going to open up soon, moving in that directions and standing right next to it becomes my first priority :) (No shame on me, I always give up my spot if someone really needs it :).

Trick is, that in the back of their mind people notes when their stop is getting closer and it's time to get of. And probably that's why a place where a person is sitting and reading quietly, instinctively feels almost as empty. Everywhere else your scanning detects people as solid and material objects, but from those spots you get a feeling almost as if those people were fantoms or ghosts. People are there, but not really. This is the place where you should hang, because a person that feels that way is preparing to get of. Although I have to say - if someone is really deep into his book, thoughts or a conversation, does not pay attention to the stops, and realizes that it's time to get of when the doors are closing - the trick is not going to work. Because what your sensing is not the objective reality, but rather a person's state of mind.

Exercise #4 Mental Traveling

In your mind try to visit places that are beyond the reach of your physical vision. For example - go visit your friend and see what he is doing and thinking about. Or try to go into the store and find something that you really need. You can use the same method of orange crosses. Also you can visualize the citymap and sense which spot will start to pulsate in a response to your question.

And finally I want to remind you about some safety measures:

1. This is a broad article, that was written to help you tune into you own natural abilities. However I have seen it happen, when after doing regular exercises and seeing positive results people get so confident they start treating their friends and relatives. They foretell the illnesses, that they allegedly can see, or dispute diagnoses made by a medical professionals. They argue that they are clairvoyant they know better then some stubborn doctors. So I would like to point out that even a very positive results of these exercises is not enough to declare yourself a great prophet, turn into a professional phychic and start making diagnoses. In order to treat people you actually have to be very competent in the field of medicine.

2. Don't be too pushy penetrating other people's thoughts. Many of them possess a certain level of instinctive protection even if they don't have any magical ability and could really brush you off :)))

I think these simple rules will save you from mistakes and make your training safe.


(с) Zau Targiski

translated by ViCa