Finding Your Magical Name

Let's start with the fact that you cannot choose your magical name. You should find it. Every man (or unman, if you wish) has several names. The fact, that your relatives, friends or whoever else call you Peter, John, Mary, Kate etc., doesn't say that you do not or cannot have other names. A name is given by parents and often because of some abstract reason like fashion on some particular name or to the honor of a good friend. In the modern society they don't ask a child how he wants to be called. If this name suits you in your everyday social life, then for the inner work it can be unacceptable at all.

Why does one have to find his magical name? This is a name you will call yourself in your work. Magick, witchcraft is an inner work, work over yourself. Name is what man associates himself with. Search for the magical name, your "true" name, is a search of self, in fact.

Names are the stages of initiation. They are the border between the end of one period and the beginning of the next one. Every time being born, you get a name. Or, other words, getting a name means that you are born.

Of course, the means of human language are insufficient to still the print of man's soul, that would bear a full gamma of a man, his every feature. But nevertheless, a consonance, that will vividly express all that you are at the moment, can be found.

Namely to this fact the advices not to tell out your magical name, frequently met in different sources, are linked. By saying your magical name (especially well picked), you are revealing to the other man (or unman) your inner self. This is not simply your card, it's the smell of you, your fingerprints, you in all your beauty.

But, as I have already mentioned, there can be several names. Hardly with the help of sounds and letters that your language contains, you can put together the name that will give you out totally. It is simple to understand that since we are many-sided then the most "exact" name will reflect just a small part of us, a particular subpersonality or a group, a community, of such subpersonalities. This will keep you off falling into paranoia when someone finds out your magical name. More than that, a channel to you can be tuned with other, more prosaic things rather than your magical name. Get used to this, because you are living in a "big village", where everyone knows everything about everyone.

How does one search for his magical name? There are different ways, and everyone chooses the one that seems close to him. The goal is to compose such combination of sounds that will closely reflect what you are. To do this, for the start you need to catch a matrix, a print, an accord of what you are in the role of warlock or witch.

This is a process. During some time you will be listening to yourself, trying to catch the echo, that you will hear as an answer to the question "who are you?", aimed inside of yourself

Some do this with pendulum. This is not the most comfortable way, but still it helps to contour your sensations. To do this, take a ring (or any weight), a thread (pendulums are even sold in shops, by the way) and yourself. Put your elbow on the table (try your best to fix elbow's position). Beforehand, you should set a condition that movement clockwise means "yes" e.g., and counterclockwise - "no". Take the thread between your thumb and index finger and start asking questions. First of all, find out how many words you name consists of. One? Two? Three? Then ask how many letters the first word contains. Then - what is the first letter (a? b? c?). You are talking not with the spirits. You are talking to yourself here. This is an art that you need to learn. Pendulum reacts on you, on blood flow in your fingertips. Such blood flow, an impulse in fingers, is the reaction of your sensitive organism to insignificant changes in your emotions, which you cannot control with your conscience. It reminds the principle on which detector of lie is based.

By the way, try this: if you give rotation in a certain direction to pendulum and order to keep rotating, pendulum will do it, even though you won't be moving your hand. But you'll sense the "pulse" that you can feel in bio-energy work like in case when you look for pain's localization, moving your hands over one's "field".

As you see, the work is long and tedious. Perhaps, hardly you will get some well-sounding thing at the end. But you can correct the result, listening to your own sensations. At least, it can serve as a base, where you can "built" your normal name upon, and give it a good sounding in "human" language.

Second variant is using dream, vision, seidr, shamanistic journey. If you have experience of communicating with teachers, tutors, spirits, representatives of Under (or Upper) worlds, try to catch the combination of sounds they use to call you or to address you. Even if you have no such experience, take a mental journey inside yourself and find that combination. Try asking yourself directly.

For the most inquisitive who ask if "Zau Targiski" is a nick, let me answer you right here. This is one of my names. This is not a nick.

Those who have experience of such communication know that "they" tell some their names too. But usually it's something quite simple, something that human conscience can perceive. Often it is somewhat like nick. E.g. during communication with you the God or the Goddess can call themselves some wide-spread name, that is often used by practicing people of the tradition you belong to. You are comfortable with it, they are comfortable with it - and everybody is satisfied. But this doesn't necessarily mean that this name is their Name. This is heity, a nick that is convenient for communication.

Does your name fit you?

Here are few things that you should not do when choosing your magical name.

1. Do not choose names that are wide-spread and "acceptable" in society. You are not choosing gloves - you are looking for yourself. Many things depend on what your name is: it is a mean to determine your way. You and your Path are the whole one, therefore, the name you choose shows where you are heading, what your aim is, who your companions are. So, work this question thoroughly.

Same thing addresses all fantasy books, internet etc. Of course, rather than digging yourself and searching, it is a lot easier to open Tolkien and call yourself Galadriel. Just don't be surprised that the result of this part of your Path will be the same as searching for name - a hackwork.

Same thing relates to nicks, used in the net, which are often taken by those who look for their name. "Druid", "Searcher", "Stalker", "Witch" etc. are not names. These are nicks. The words themselves relate to "profession", "clan" etc., if we can say so. Would you wish to be called "a trailer driver"? No? Then why do you take the name "Stalker"? (Note, that here we talk about a name, not a net nick). Are you really a nymph? Oops… Let me touch you - I have never seen you so close in a physical body… Welcome to the material plan! J Are you a druid in real? It's interesting how… and who did ordain you? Are you a witch? But there's a bunch of witches. We are all witches here.

This is a name you will use to present yourself to others. No, not to people, let them dwell in peace, those people. But be called a "witch" in a process of work… Let say, the phone is ringing. You say "Yes, who is it?" And the reply is "This is the Witch". I bet you'd feel a strong desire to send him to hell (if not farther). I don't know about you, but I definitely would.

2. It is better not to take names of the greatest or simply famous magicians, masters and especially Gods. These names are a great responsibility. Are you sure that you are really worth of the name Hecate?. No, your nick in the net is a whole different matter. Be free to call yourself Hecate or whatever in the net. But if you are trying to call yourself it during your work, understand the following thing: you identify yourself with the Goddess, moreover, with a determined appearance. Therefore, you:

a) claim to possess the corresponding skill, that will not discredit the honor of the Goddess;
b) summon in yourself her quite determined and powerful aspect which sometimes can be… quite not benevolent, frankly speaking, and which can screw up you with your life completely. You should be careful even in your periodic summoning the aspects of the Goddess or the God, when asking for their severe aspect. And building a straight and stable channel from such aspect of the Goddess to yourself and saying that this is you is almost like running towards a train shouting "I'll knock you down!"

Impudence is a second happiness, of course, and sometimes posthumous.

Taking even a name of "light" aspect is an attempt to take other's place. It's the same as a college freshman would demand being called a college principal.

Thus, here is an advice: find yourself your own name. Name, already used, found in books, can hardly suit for such individual type of activity as witchcraft or magic work is. And be careful when using names of Gods and use them for special goals. Don't bother them without need.

Similar problem is encountered when working with "shapeless" names. To be, let's say, A-Woman-Without-Face is the advantage of the Goddess. To "have no face" means having numerous faces, containing all faces in self, all looks, and all aspects. Even the coolest witch can hardly demand such status. Of course, when during work a witch identifies with the Goddess, summons Her in herself, a witch becomes Her - but only for some time. For your everyday life these titles are not suitable.

And another thing: your name can change just like you can. This is definitely not a stamp once and for the rest of your life. There is no need to be afraid of changes. If you have changed and grown up, and your name oppresses you, then it is the time to head for searching once again.

(с) Zau Targiski

translated by Ilaidj Cave