Searching Methods


In this material I'll try to describe the technique of searching things or people.

First it is necessary to concentrate on the characteristics of the thing/person you are seeking for, to make a "channel". You need not know, for example, the person to make the channel - you can use his or her personal things, photo to do it. Certainly, it is more convenient, when this things contain a "part of soul" - this all works the same as the search for a dog: it is given to smell something, and it chooses the necessary smell among all the smells. For me it occurs instantly - I copy the matrix, using the channel, which should already exist at the moment. So, I either know the person, or I have his personal things or something, that lets me access his or her soul, or even more or less decent electronic letter: I should "smell" a power, as the dog smells personal things of the man whom it will search for.

It is necesary to set the characteristics as concrete as it is possible. If you are searching for a thing, it is not enough to concentrate on its approximate colour characteristics. Otherwise it is possible to find another thing, but of the same colour. If you are searching for a person, it is not enough to concentrate on the temperature of his or her body as the obligatory characteristic of somebody alive. Otherwise you can find, for example, a cat, a battery, a hot teapot. If you are searching for "something orange" - you will find "something orange". Concretize, what are you searching for.

There are actually two ways of the search:

1. "I am coming to you"

It means, that you go and search. Suppose you should find a man / subject in the crowd of the freely moving people or in a building. Provoke (inspire) in memories / sensations an image of a man / subject, activating the already existing channel with him (it is felt as this channel began warming, aliving …). And then you grope the crowd (building), as you move a hand in muddy water. Only move not a hand, but the mental sight and the own energetique body, extending in the necessary party. When you move "yhe hand" there, where is no the necessery man / subject, you may feel the emptiness as you are given the answer "it's found the zero of the objects ". When you will grope that place, where is approximately the man / subject, you can feel the warm, the pulsation (I feel the warm and the pulsation, and you can feel something another). As the connect is installed. For the internal sight the necessary object looked (for (at) me) as a certain orange stain. Go there.
This way has a shortcoming: the man can, certainly, leave that place, and you will come there on still warm traces. Because you feel "the smell" stayed there.

How does the hunter go on the traces of a brown bear? Goes, sees - ����� of the bear… Is it warm? It means, that the bear has just gone away. The Hunter goes further …

I use for this the term "pelleng". By this peleng I grope the space behind me, when I go on a dark street - on the installing setting the pelleng marks the alive essences, their ideas, and it's heard very well, if the object goes behind you and thinks of you.

For example, it's heard very well, literally, how a cry, the ideas " Miss, may i get to know you?" still "the object" will address you.

However I should warn you: some of those who beforehand is going to attack, instead of ________, know the laws of a hunt, and do not think of it. The one who goes behind you and with the bad intentions, can specially think of another, not about you. Therefore in the case of the pellehg of the space in the protective purposes should know it: if the man thinks " of another ", it does not mean yet, that he is not going to attack. Probably, he simply knows the law (terms) of a hunt and does(makes) it specially. Well, in general, it's so, for the information. Suddenly it can be useful?

If I search for a thing, which I need buy, in shop, I imagine, for example, a card, a circuit of an arrangement of these objects. And I try to grope for the channel, to feel, where the orange colour will dance and it willl be warm. The search of the objects in a house is the same.

There is a variant of the technique sent by Jaadoogar:

" The Method suits for searching not only a man, but in general any object. At first it is necessary to make that is known as "enter the channel ". When you will feel a flow poured continuously, you can ask the questions. For example, I need a such man: I am focused to the object and I begin to set the questions. For example, this man is in one city with me - if yes, the flow does not interrupt, and if not - I feel a certain brake or " the termination(discontinuance) " in a flow.

Then you name distrscts of a city. At a correct rule(situation) the flow continues ���������, at a wrong - stops. Then you can call the names of streets, then - number of a house and an apartment. Thus it is possible to calculate any man. The same principle is used by the search of the disappeared man, if it is necessary to learn if he is alive and where is he.
Also I use this methode, when I feel, that with me (or, more correctly, by me) someone works. I determine, whether it is the man (whether he lives now or lived earlier), or an essence, or a Deity. Then I determine the age of the man (if it is the man), to what tradition he belongs, a continent, a country, a city, an age.

Let's tell so, the principle consists in narrowing a field of the search and the information, and already then, when you have some representation about the object, you can find it or judge, what is it or who is it "

2. "Come to me "

Again: there is a person, which you need to meet. You arouse the mental image of the man. You grope the channel - as a string. The channel is activated, and you begin to pull by the string cautiously, drawing the person. In this case you "will casually meet", this person will come to you him(her)self. Precisely it is done by the search of the man in a city, for example (well, it is necessary to arrange a " casual meeting ") -))

Precisely the subjects come back. There is, for example, a book, which you have borrowed(lent). Mentally you tie it by the white (it is possible by the gold, as a symbol of the property) beam, as by a string, and drag it to yourself. A bit later the book will be returned to you (it happens sometimes, that it is not returned, but then it is necessary to rummage in memory and to remember: maybe and you too, probably, something at someone ������?)

The same with the search of a thing, which needs to be got, but it is not known where. At first you arouse an image, which search. And then you ��� �� pull it to yourself. And a bit later the object will come to you by that or different way.


(с) Zau Targiski

translated by HewVey